Monday, May 25, 2009


NFL Network reached an agreement to be a part of Comcast's packaging a couple of weeks ago so I decided to give the Network a try and see what all the fuss was about. I figured I wasn't really missing anything especially since Thursday night football is like Tuesday night church doesn't feel right but you gotta participate. So I flip to it and guess what, I was hooked. Besides the fact that the Cincinnati Bengals are on "Hard Knocks" (the NFL's version of Cops and Judge Judy), one show really intrigued me...a show called "TOP 10". This show takes a look at the classic top 10 lists of the NFL. From the top 10 backfield tandems to the 10 best Dallas Cowboys to the top 10 most fearsome tacklers, the NFL Network analyzes them all. What a great concept.

So here I am using my DVR to provide those unfortunate souls who do not get the NFL Network (no I do not work for NFL Network) a chance to enjoy the TOP 10 lists along with some Retro Sports Talk analysis. So here goes:

Top 10 Biggest Changes to the NFL

1. AFL - NFL Merger

2. T.V. and Monday Night Football

3. Free Agency

4. Paul Brown

5. Instant Replay

6. Astro turf (because of all the injuries and the increase in speed)

7. Defensive Back Rule Change (rule that a defensive back can't touch a wr past five yards)

8. NFL Films

9. West Coast Offense

10. Soccer Style Kickers

Honorable Mention: Hash Marks, Pete Rozell

The first change to the list would be to move PAUL BROWN up. He should be #1 on the list (for starters he has a team named after him). Everything football starts with Paul Brown. He truly revolutionized the game and his impact is still felt in the game today. Lets take a look at the impact Brown had on the game:

a. Coaches such as Don Shula, Chuck Noll, Sam Wyche, Bill Walsh, Weeb Ewbank, Bud Grant played or coached under Brown
b. The Face Mask
c. The Playbook
d. The Helmet Ear Piece
e. The Full Time Coaching Staff
f. Using game film
g. Sending in plays with a guard
h. Diagrams for passing plays
i. The Chalk Talk

No other coach has done more to change and improve the game than Paul Brown.

Next, I would definitely put FANTASY FOOTBALL on the list. Fantasy football not only gave millions of football geeks a reason to watch EVERY NFL game but it also made name recognition for many lesser known players. Fantasy football made millions of dollars for the sport.

Lastly, why in the world would you put kickers on the list? Don't they know that kickers are always the last pick in most fantasy football drafts. Jeez!

Part II (Next Week) - NFL's Top 10 Most Fearsome Tacklers

NFL Network Top 10 Schedule

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