Saturday, May 30, 2009


They walked the athletic battle field with intensity in their eyes as fear washed over their opponent's faces. These bad boys of sports intimidated their way to stardom. But oh how far we have come, to the day, when these once menacing and scary men are now just soft and mushy entertainers. These 5 men have taken their bad boy image and made it into something unique. From the ballet to the WNBA, these men no longer bring fear into their opponents eyes but instead bring laughter (but make sure you laugh from a reasonable distance away).

The Top 5 Bad Boys Turned Soft

1. Lawrence Taylor (Dancing with the Stars)
Hall of Famer, Lawrence Taylor was one of the greatest defensive players to ever play the game. He changed the linebacker position forever and put fear in the quarterback's eyes. HE BROKE A MAN'S LEG (Joe Theisman's career would never be the same). So what happened Lawrence? Do you really need the money? Why not "Celebrity Survivor" where you go and tackle a bear or eat the bones of a lion? But not this:

2. Rick Mahorn (WNBA - pushing Lisa Leslie)
Once an enforcer on the basketball court, Rick Mahorn brought toughness and muscle to the bad boy Detroit Pistons. No one messed with Isaiah Thomas because Mahorn was his protector. He feared no one until he ran into Lisa Leslie. Come on Rick pick on someone your own size or at least your own gender:

3. Merlin Olsen (Delivery of Flowers Commercial)
Hall of Famer, Olsen was a part of the original "Fearsome Foursome" that terrorized opposing teams. He was 6'5 and intimidating on the field but soon became better known for his soft side. He was a character on Little House on the Prairie and this commercial officially ended his bad boy image:

4. Dennis Rodman (Dressing like a women)
Rodman was arguably the dirtiest and meanest player in the NBA. He kicked a camera man, got into it with Karl Malone and was truly a bad boy until this:

And This:

And This:

And These:

5. George Foreman (Boxer turned cook)

George Foreman pummeled opponents in the ring with his fists on his way winning the heavyweight boxing title and for a short time being known as best fighter in the world. Foreman was not only big but he was also mean. Now, Foreman is better known for his recipes and grilling techniques then his boxing. His famous smile does not intimidate anymore it just makes people hungry. Foreman is a genius for giving up his bad boy persona for an apron.

This Didn't Help Either:


  1. what people will do for money

  2. Can't argue too much with those five. Only other guy that comes to mind is my man Shawn Kemp. At one time Kemp was one of the most athletic, ferocious and powerful players in the league. Then he became soft by pretty much eating his way out of the NBA.


  3. Yeah, I saw Kemp on Pros v Joes and the Joe used him in the post. I think he stopped a couple of times to take a bite of a sandwich.

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  5. John McEnroe! The face of bad boy-ism in one of the more proper sports in the world turns soft in the commerical clip below by singing "I Feel Pretty" about 0:43 seconds in. Disgusting.

    You have GOT to be kidding me!

  6. Very funny commercial, but in order to make the list he needed a bigger role. Also I am not sure if he qualifies as a bad boy...I think of him more of just a jerk (though one of my favorite tennis players).