Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I have officially seen it all...a scratch and niff baseball hat. I guess chewing gum, seeds and tobacco is no longer good enough to keep a players attention between pitches, we now need something to smell. 10 years from now the makers of this hat will saying "what in the heck were we thinking". I just hope we don't have a turn-back-the-clock night where everything is old school scratch and niff (can you imagine). Well, lets take a look at some other decisions where someone must be saying "what were we thinking":

Top 5 Worst Major League Baseball Hats

1. Montreal Expos 1969

2. Pittsburg Pirates 1976

3. San Diego Padres 1984

4. Millwaukee Brewers 1978

5. California Angels 1962

Any that I missed?


  1. How are you going to put the Expos at #1 when their color scheme was clearly paying homage to the AMERICAN past time while attempting to over come their Candadian location (FRENCH CANADA AT THAT!). The Willie Stargell era Pirates hat is by far the worst of the bunch. Horizontal stripes? Come on! The only way this Pittsburgh hat could be worse is if it were an ACTUAL Pirate hat.

    The Expos (R.I.P.) hat needs to be replaced with the orange star Houston Astros hat. When I was in college, one of these hats randomly showed up at my house after a party and for the next two years at every party, the most "partied out" person would be forced to wear the hat. More embarassing than having your face drawn all over, was the embarassment of having to wear the 'Orange Star'. For that reason alone it owns a place on my list of "Worst Baseball Hats Ever".

  2. The Expos won out because if you put a spinner on the hat it looks like a hat I had when I was 3 years old.

  3. I'm with anonymous on the Houston hat. Other poor caps include the Padres' hat with the actual Monk figure on it, the current Padres camoflauge hat, and Tampa Bay's original hat. The Angel hat at #5 should be moved up the list. A halo drawn on? cmon now!
    Good topic. I like to see baseball on here, even if "coach" is giving critique in an ironic! :)

  4. My fashion sense is not in question here. I was torn between the Brewers hat and the Astros hat, I figured the Astros were punished enough having to wear those ugly uniforms. But, I will compromise and make it honorable mention.