Thursday, May 21, 2009


After watching a high school baseball game this weekend I noticed a trend that was quite disturbing; players were wearing their baseball hats with FLAT bills. When I was growing up this was not acceptable. You curved your hat or looked you like a dork. The curved bill looks stylish, helps keep sun out of the corners of your eyes and allows you to narrow your focus. This new flat bill trend is only one step away from baseball players wearing mesh hats or their hats on sideways. Yet, the flat bill is everywhere (sometimes people will not even take the price tag off the flat bill hat). As an old school guy that didn't like to get beat up for looking stupid, I just don't understand these new fashion trends.

Top 5 Worst Sports Fashions

1. Long Sleeves under basketball uniform

2. Baseball Flat Bill

3. Basketball arm sleeve

4. Personalized eye black

5. Golf Visor


  1. Great idea for a blog.

    I like this post too. I really wasn't in to the short-shorts that everyone in the NBA wore back in the 80's...but the shorts that most players wear now are way to long & baggy. I'd have to put shorts at #5 over the visor.


  2. I just saw Carmelo Anthony wearing a YELLOW arm sleeve. Wow, that proves my point. I agree what were we thinking with those short shorts?