Saturday, April 25, 2009


It is called the "fist pound" or just "pound" for short. The "pound" is a way that athletes celebrate a good moment in sports similar to the old school "high five". The pound has invaded our sports culture and supplanted the high five as the chosen handshake of athletes. I too use to be a "pound it" guy until I saw the following images:

Not knowing how to do the pound makes for an awkward exchange.

"Wonder Twins powers active...take the form of ________" you fill in the blank.

And last but not least

Needless to say I am no longer fist pound guy...I am going retro and bringing back the high five.
As I see it there are multiple advantages to going back to the high five so I created my top ten.

Top Ten Reasons To Bring Back the High Five:

1) Everyone knows how to do a high five

2) You never miss a high five

3) You can show emotions such as - anger, frustration, happiness, excitement, and dejection

4) You can actually make a sound with a high five

5) You can make adjustments for individuality such as the low five, high ten or side five

6) More peaceful - we shouldn't be making fists

7) More universally known

8) You can jump and give a high five

9) We will avoid the awkward situations above and the Presidential Fist Bump

10) And last but not least... its RETRO