Thursday, May 7, 2009

THE NBA CLASSIC ENFORCER - Is the NBA getting soft?

Watching Kobe Bryant elbow Ron Artest put a little smile on my face. Not because Kobe could be suspended or that it might have actually hurt Artest but because it brought back memories of the good old days of physical play. Remember when teams had an enforcer who would punish opposing players coming into the lane. They never backed down from a physical challenge.They were dirty if not mean and they protected the superstars with all their might. The enforcers today just don't seem like the classic enforcer of the past. There is no one in the NBA that could compare to Rick Mahorn, Bill Laimbeer, Jerry Lucus or even Karl Malone. The enforcer wouldn't complain to the ref like Artest but would have embraced the physical play and would have taken care of it the next time down the court. Boy do I miss the physical play almost as much as I miss the finger roll.

Top 10 All-time NBA Enforcers

1) Rick Mahorn
2) Bill Laimbeer
3) Charles Oakley
4) Karl Malone
5) Jerry Lucus
6) Anthony Mason
7) Dennis Rodman
8) Patrick Ewing
9) Kermit Washington
10)Bill Cartwright

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