Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FINGER ROLL LOST ART - NBA players lack creativity

One of my favorite players of all-time was also one of the most creative. George Gervin of the San Antonio Spurs revolutionized the game with his classic "Finger Roll". The finger roll took talent, courage and above all else touch to pull off. It was mesmerizing to opposing defenders as it floated just out their reach. Gervin lead the league four times in scoring using this old school move. When asked about its origins Gervin stated "Probably when I was young. I got tired of dunking the basketball, and I thought everyone could dunk but very few could finger roll." The dunk is easy and everyone can now dunk in the NBA but not everyone can finger roll. NBA stars have lost the art creativity. Who today in the NBA has a signature move? Kobe? Lebron? Nash? come on... but somewhere out there is a player that wants a challenge and wants to show the world that he too can finger roll. Lets bring back the finger roll.

Top 5 Signature Moves

1) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Sky Hook
2) George Gervin - Finger Roll
3) Hakeem Olajuwon - Dream Shake
4) Tim Hardaway - UTEP 2-step crossover
5) Michael Jordan - Fadeaway


  1. Love the Crab-Dribble but if that is his signature move we are in trouble, because it is a TRAVEL.