Saturday, May 9, 2009

DOM & JOE - Best ever baseball brothers

Dom DiMaggio passed away friday and was honored at Fenway Park as one of the all-time great Red Sox players. Dom is well regarded by Red Sox fans as he played all of his 11-years with the club even setting a Red Sox record with a 34 game hit streak. But those outside Boston may be surprised to hear that he and his brother are arguably the most talent set of brothers ever to set foot on the diamond. Most are aware of his older brother's accomplishments of a career .325 batting average, 3 MVP awards, 2 home run titles and his famous 56 game hit streak but few are aware of what his younger brother actually accomplished:

1) a career .298 hitter (.328 career high)
2) 34 game hit streak
3) Led the American League twice in runs scored (1950-51)
4) Led the American League in Triples, Stolen Bases and Runs (twice)
5) Led the American League 3 times in plate appearances
6) Led the league in Putout (twice), Assists (three times) and Double Plays (Twice)
7) Some say he even had a better arm then his brother Joe

One reason many are unaware of these accomplishments is because he played in the shadow of another all-time great Ted Williams. If Dom DiMaggio had been the sole star of those classic Red Sox teams things may have been much different. Regardless,
Dom DiMaggio is deserving of induction into the Hall of Fame and if you pair him with his brother are the greatest brother combination to ever put on the baseball uniform.


Top 5 All-Time Baseball Brothers

1) Joe and Dom DiMaggio
2) Phil and Joe Niekro
3) Hank and Tommy Aaron
4) Sandy and Roberto Alomar
5) George and Ken Brett (Only because Brett is my favorite player ever)

Honorable Mention: Jim and Gaylord Perry

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