Wednesday, May 6, 2009


One of the greatest to ever put on a baseball uniform,Willie Mays, turns 78 today and is arguably the best living baseball player. Mays was the epitome of baseball in the 50's and 60's. He was what modern baseball scouts would call a "5-tool" player; he had speed, power, could hit for average, had a great arm and could play defense with the best.

Mays's accomplishments are astounding:
1) Career Batting Average of .302
2) 660 Home runs (3rd all-time)
3) An amazing 12 Gold Gloves (possibly the greatest fielding outfielder)
4) 7095 put outs (best for an outfielder)
5) MVP twice (in 2 different decades)
6) Lead the National League at least once in Batting Average, Home runs, Stolen Bases, Runs Scored, Hits and even Base on Balls
7) He even won the Roberto Clemente Award for community service.

No other living player compares to Mays. His athleticism was unmatched in his era and his ability to make difficult plays look easy makes Mays my choice. Others point to Hank Aaron, Reggie Jackson, Ricky Henderson or even Pete Rose but if you factor in both hitting and fielding no one compares. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIE!

Honoring Mays:
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  1. For pitchers, I nominate Sandy Koufax. No one in the modern era epitomized unhittable like Koufax did from 1961-66. Any man that can make Mickey Mantle say, "How the f--- are you suppossed to hit that sh*t?" is golden in my book.

  2. I detest him, but Bonds is the greatest living player. But if you remove anyone tainted by the roid era, I vote Aaron.

    As usual Aaron is overlooked, but put that guy in NY instead of Milwaukee and Atlanta and you'd never hear the end of his greatness. Just from memory, didn't Mays fail to lead the league in RBI's or runs created during any season in his career?

  3.! You are really going to say Barry Bonds is better than the following: Willy Mays, Hank Aaron, Alex Rodriguez (who I hate, but still...), Pete Rose, and Stan Musial? Ur trippin

  4. Mays is the best overall baseball player ever. He was a true 5 tool player. Bonds can't be considered the greatest because of the steriod use. Mays was the best centerfielder ever and one of the best batters ever. The combo makes him great.