Sunday, April 26, 2009


"Old school is cool" is the promotional motto of the Seattle Mariners Turn Back The Clock Night May 2nd. The game will be played to honor the 1939 Seattle Raniers championship team and the first 20,000 fans will get a free retro hat. The Mariners and A's will play in thier throwback uniforms from the Pacific Coast League. What a great way for fans to enjoy a game and remind us that old school is still cool. Now if they could play the game without the designated hitter it would be a great retro night.

Here are my Top 10 Ways to Turn Back the Clock:

1) $0.10 hotdogs and beverages
2) Fans MUST keep score in a scorebook (giveaway scorebooks and pencils)
3) No cell phones or Twitter machines (if there is such a thing)
4) Must bring your family or a child
5) Must bring a glove
6) Play Harry Caray's version of "Take me out to the ballpark"

7) Give away Cracker Jacks
8) Bring back "The Chicken"
9) Pitchers must bat and must use an old school pitching method (big leg kick or the spit ball)
10) No Steroids !!!

How would you Turn Back the Clock?

Other Turn Back the Clock Nights in MLB:
May 7th - Washington @ LA Dodgers
June 14th - Detroit @ Pittsburgh
August 1st - Detroit @ Cleveland

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