Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MODERN DRIBBLE DRIVE - Bad for the game

The Memphis Tigers have perfected a new modern version of basketball's motion offense which was so important to the game in the early 80's. Bobby Knight, one of the most well know retro coaches used the motion offense and its passing and screening to open up scoring opportunities for his players at Indiana. Now, John Calipari has now taken it step further by eliminating the screens and replacing them with more dribble penetration. This "Dribble Drive Motion" offense is bad for the game of basketball. Not only does it teach players to become more selfish by driving instead of passing and screening but it also creates more standing around and one of one basketball. Calipari's dribble drive offense is creating more individualized players and the old school ideas of teamwork, passing and screening are going to be forgotten.

Top 10 Reason The Dribble Drive Motion is Bad For The Game

1) Less passing and teamwork
2) Less physical game
3) Takes more talented athletes to run it (you need to be able to drive around the defender)
4) Less emphasis on becoming a good shooter
5) More fouls, meaning more watching players shoot free throws (BORING)
6) More standing around (not really a lot of motion involved)
7) Creates defensive problems as point gaurd may be under the hoop
8) Fewer post up opportunies (big players may disappear)
9) It may be just a fad (like the run and shoot in football or
10) May make teams play more zone defenses

Lets get back to the old school game that we all love in which players set screens, pass the ball to teammates and become great shooters.

Dribble Drive Diagrams

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