Tuesday, April 28, 2009

GREAT RETRO CUSTOMS - Bring back the hand raise on fouls

Referees are bad...they are the necessary evil that players, coaches and fans have to deal with. In fact they are so bad that a third one was added to help the other two out. So lets help them out...on all fouls the perpetrator should raise his or her hand and let the official know that they are guilty. Why try to confuse the already confused? Players should raise their hand and admit what they have done. That way the players can come clean, the refs can get it right and we can bring back the old school feel of the game.

Top 5 Retro Customs We Need Back
1) Shaking the home run hitters hand as he rounds the bases
2) Quarterbacks getting down on one knee in the huddle
3) Running through the banner before the game
4) Goons and fights in NHL hockey
5) Football coaches wearing suits for games

Top 5 Customs We Need To Get Rid Of
1) Giving the referee a "Fist Pound" (see Bring Back the High Five) before the game
2) The "First Down" signal after getting...you guessed it...a first down.
3) Stepping out of the batters box to adjust glove, shirt, pants, etc..
4) The two-back system in the NFL (Its driving the fantasy football junkies crazy)
5) Pre-game introduction routines

What are your favorite retro customs?

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