Thursday, April 30, 2009


According to retirement means withdrawal from service, office, or business and into privacy or seclusion. We can only hope that the one of the all-time great announcers, John Madden doesn't use After John Madden announced his retirement last week, I began hoping that he would take after Brett Farve and find out that seclusion is way overrated. Wouldn't it be great if Madden changed his mind and did his best Farve impression? Wouldn't it be great if Madden did the his version of the "untire" and once again broadcast NFL games? We need Madden's old school mentality in the booth. We need his "Booms" and "Bams" as much as we need his "Turkey Awards". Madden is an icon from the days of the tough nosed NFL. We need him in the booth to keep our perspective that football is not all about the slick spread offenses or the flashy superstars. Madden is the epitome of smash mouth, getting dirty in the trenches football. You have to love Madden's family first attitude but I can't help but to hurt as a little bit of my retro heart has been retired. Please Madden come back.

Top 10 Broadcasters We Would Love To See In Booth ONE Last Time

1) John Madden
2) Harry Caray
3) Howard Cosell
4) Vin Scully
5) Keith Jackson
6) Mel Allen
7) Jim McKay
8) Al McGuire
9) Don Meridith
10) Curt Gowdy

Who are your favorite sports broadcasters

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