Wednesday, July 22, 2009

LOSMAN JUMPING TO UFL - Fights uphill battle and history

J.P. Losman of the Buffalo Bills will attempt to do something that few others have been able to do - revive his quarterbacking career via another league. Losman plans on playing in the UFL as a starting quarterback rather than wait his turn in the NFL. Very few QB's have played in another league and then had success in the NFL. The most recent quarterbacks to do it are Kurt Warner (Arena) and Tommy Maddox (XFL) but Losman still faces a uphill battle. For example in the USFL, which was the most successful competitor to the NFL, only 8 of the 50 USFL quarterbacks went on to play more than 5 years in the NFL. Losman may hve success in the UFL but that most likely will be the end of his professional road (unless he turns to MMA like Warren Sapp). Time will tell.

Top 10 QB's That Played In Another League

1. Steve Young (USFL)

2. Jim Kelly (USFL)

3. Kurt Warner (Arena)

4. Danny White (WFL)

5. Doug Williams (USFL)

6. Pat Haden (WFL)

7. B. Hebert (USFL)

8. Gary Danielson (WFL)

9. Tommy Maddox (XFL)

10. Cliff Stoudt (USFL)

Honorable Mention: Rick Neuheisal (USFL and 1 year in NFL where he did not play- anytime I have a chance to dog on"Slick Rick" I have to do it, it can only help my blogger stats)


  1. Warren Moon..Joe Theisman..Vince Ferragamo..CFL

  2. I was rooting for J.P. when he came into the league i don't know he must be desperate hope things turn out ok for him...check out my blog

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