Sunday, July 19, 2009

OLD BUT NOT FORGOTTEN - Best performances by older athletes

Tom Watson is what makes sports great. I know that he is not going to win the British Open but to even be in contention at 59 years old is amazing. Golf may be boring to watch without Tiger in the hunt but Watson has been able to provide what every sports fan needs once in a while; an unlikely hero. We would not have remembered this final day of the British Open had it not been for Watson. Bringing back memories of the 70's and his historic battles with Jack Nicklaus, Watson captivates fans of all ages. How can you not root for a man old enough to be some of his playing partner's fathers. He is the underdog of all underdogs and what makes sports great. Tiger is the future of golf but Watson gives us a little taste of the past. Tom we are rooting for you.

Top 5 Age-Challenged Performances

1. George Foreman 1994
At 45 years of age and 20 years since his last title, Foreman won the Heavyweight Boxing Championship by knocking Michael Moorer out in the 10th round.

2. Kurt Warner 2008
At 37 years of age the Arizona quarterback torched the Pittsburgh Steelers for 377 yards on 31-43 passes and 3 touchdowns. The Cardinals lost the game but Warner was definitely a hero.

3. Nolan Ryan 1991
On May 1st 1991, Nolan Ryan at the age of 44 did what most pitchers only dream of; pitching a no hitter. For Ryan though this was his seventh no-no and just another day in the park.

4. Jack Nicklaus 1986
At 46 years of age, Jack Nicklaus wowed golf fans just as Watson is doing today, the only difference is that Nicklaus won. He won the 1986 Masters, the 2nd oldest golfer to do so.

5. Michael Jordan 1998
With a virus causing extreme fatigue,The 34 year old Michael Jordan poured in 38 points helping the Chicago Bulls defeat the Utah Jazz for the NBA title. In the playoffs that year, Jordan averaged 32.4 points a game and over 5 rebounds.

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