Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The Designated Hitter needs to go. If the National League had the designated hitter we never would have witnessed Manny Ramirez's heroics. Ramirez in a pinch-hitting role (for the pitcher) hit a game changing grand slam in the Dodger's 6-2 victory over Cincinnati. This hit not only won the game but put Manny behind only Lou Gehrig on the all-time grand slam list. All this came about because the National League refuses to give into the modern "higher scores are better" mentality and has kept the pitcher batting. The National League has maintained the tradition of the national past time and in the process has continued the excitement and strategy of the game. Baseball was designed so that all players have to play in the field. Specialization is only a modern phenomenon and has no place in a game that dates back over 100 years.
For those that like the strategy of baseball, what's better then having your pitcher bat. What dilemmas this brings; should the manager pull a pitcher who is mowing em down or should he have the pitcher bunt and move the runners. I know that the designated hitter does prolong careers but many times the DH is just an aging star trying to relive his glory days. Do we really want to see aging stars such as Ken Griffey Jr. struggle to break the Mendoza Line? If you can't play in the field then you shouldn't be playing the national past time professionally. Even in slow pitch softball the players (who often weigh over 300 lbs) have to go both ways. Without the DH you provide Manny Ramirez a chance to come in for one bat and bring a little excitement to the game.

Top 5 Reasons Pitchers Need To Bat

1. Girls dig the long ball, so lets give pitchers a fighting chance.

2. It gives pitchers a chance to "help themselves".

3. It would increase the ERA's around the league.

4. It gives them something to think about while in the bullpen.

5. It provides for more strategy.

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