Sunday, May 17, 2009

CLASSIC CHUCK - Where did you go?

Okay I have had it...the ankle there no way to stop it:

Headline: Ankle injury always a pain for Williams
Headline: Walton out with injured ankle
Headline: Chandler sits out with ankle injury
Headline: Yao Ming's Foot Injury Breaks Houston Rockets'Dream
Headline: Howard leaves playoff game with ankle injury

Nothing worse then watching the star player limp to the bench in a playoff game with an ankle injury. It is painful, humiliting (it doesn't matter how many muscles you have) and ackward (you can't go down gracefully with an ankle injury). Some of the best doctors in the world can't help if you go down with an ankle injury. So what can we do? Well, players could tape up more or wear a clumsy ankle brace but both of those might limit a player's movement. So we need to be proactive. Lets start with the shoe. Get rid of the expensive LeBron IV, Jordan XX3 and Kobe I. Lets go old school and make every player wear the classic:


Back in the day when the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars ruled the basketball world you never heard of an ankle sprain. You never saw Wilt Chamberlain or Dr. J getting ankle injuries. When you wore your Chuck Taylors you could do anything. You could score 100 points and not get hurt, you could dunk from the free throw line and not get hurt. The Chuck Taylors are the answer to our playoff woes. Can you imagine what Dwight Howard would be doing if he sported the black Converse high tops. No more ankle injuries just production with his Chuck Taylors on. Let's rid the NBA of ankle injuries and in the process bring back a classic; the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

Top 5 Classic Basketball Shoes

1) Converse Chuck Taylors All-Stars

2) Nike Air Jordan I

3) Nike Air Force I

4) Addias Superstars

5) Reebok Omni Lite Pump


  1. Ahh memories...I wanted a pair of Reebok pumps more than anything as a kid...I had to settle on pair of LJs by Converse instead. Pretty cool shoes in themselves actually.

  2. You probably were not cool I purchased a pair of lime green and blue Nike Air Force I for my college days. I also shaved a "Z" on the side of my I wasn't very cool either.

  3. props on using the pistol pete maravich superstars