Monday, June 15, 2009

FOOTBALL ROAD TRIP - Journey to the heart of college football

Each year my buddies gather around a table full of pizza and begin planning thier annual college football trip. As avid Washington Husky football fans (I know but at least they are not Cougars), they look at the Husky schedule and figure out what away game they want to attend. In the last couple years they have made the trip to see Ohio State and Notre Dame, both Husky losses, but thats okay because it was more about the venue then it was the game for these guys. They love the atmosphere, the excitement and nastalgia of the game. The next great road trip for these guys is not until the 2012 season when they get to travel to the deep south's Death Valley. The 92,000 stadium of the LSU Tigers will provide my buddies the ultimate venue to watch a college football game. That weekend may rank as one of the best ever.

Top 5 Best College Football Weekends

1. LSU (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
Two words for you..."Death Valley". Just those two words conjure up some great images and then throw in Mike the Tiger roaming the sideline and you have a great atmosphere for football (or gladiator games).

2. Texas A & M (College Station, Texas)
The midnight yell practice, the 12th man, the Junction Boys and the verbally abused "2 percenters"...very few things compare.

3. Notre Dame (South Bend, Indiana)
Tradition, Tradition and more Tradition. From the Knute Rockne to the "Play Like a Champion Today" sign, its all about the nastalgia in South Bend.

4. Army (West Point, New York)(strong>
Seeing everyone dressed up in uniform must be a site to see and then throw in the Corp of Cadets parade and you have great college football.

5. Ohio State (Columbus, Ohio)
Dotting the "I" is one of the most prestigous of all traditions.

Honorable Mention: Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia

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