Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Randy Johnson is about to win his 300th career game and become one of only 23 other major league pitchers to do so, but looking at the list he just doesn't fit in. Yeah, I know he was one of the most dominating pitchers of the 90's and has proven to be extremely durable over his 22 year career but he still does not fit in. Yeah I know he is the greatest strikeout artist of all-time, he won 4 ERA titles and his slider was almost unhittable, I don't care, he still does not fit the list. And no its not because he beaned more batters than anyone on the 300, its because his name is WAY TOO MODERN.
Members of the 300 club have names that are from an era long gone. Names that make me think of a time when starting pitchers went all 9 innings and the spit ball was the most perplexing pitch. Old school names like Cy and Grover or Hoss and Early. A time when names meant something, A left handed pitcher was accurately named "Lefty" and a youngster was named "Kid". The name Randy just doesn't fit with these other names. Players on the 300 list are special because they had to deal with the certain psychological torture of their childhood...being named Gaylord, Pud or Christy was sure to take its toll on a youngsters mind. one can make fun of a name like Randy. Randy Johnson may one of the best pitchers on the 300 list in terms of accomplishments but he sure doesn't belong on this list of names:

Top 10 Unusual Names of 300 Game Winners

1. Pud (Galvin) 361 wins
2. Hoss (Radbourn) 309 wins
3. Early (Wynn) 300 wins
4. Gaylord (Perry) 314 wins
5. Lefty (Grove) 300 wins
6. Kid (Nichols) 361 wins
7. Grover (Alexander) 373 wins
8. Cy (Young) 511 wins
9. Mickey (Welch) 307 wins
10. Christy (Mathewson) 373 wins

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