Tuesday, June 9, 2009

OLD SCHOOL SPORTS HOBBIES - Kids today are missing out

I have never been more angry at my sister then when she (without my permission mind you) took and opened a sealed pack of 1981 TOPPS Football Cards just to eat the gum. Can you believe that? She was only four at the time but who cares, that pack could have contained a Joe Montana rookie card worth well over $250? Didn't she know that an unopened pack is worth way more than an open pack? What if she bent one of the corners of card or drooled on Montana's face? I would never be able trade a card that my sister had slobbered on(and boy did she slobber).

So, I yelled at her and get this...she began to cry and guess who got in trouble? Didn't my parents know that someday I would be able to sell all these cards and pay them back for my student loans? They should have praised my entrepreneurship and put my sister in timeout. I probably scarred my sister for life but I had to make sure that my 1981 TOPPS cards and any future cards would never again be in harms way. I still have those vintage cards and I will one day pass them down to my son. But I doubt he will appreciate it. Kids today don't collect cards like they did back in my day. They play video games instead. They will never know what is like to make a block buster trade of two 1985 football commons, four pieces of that horribly hard gum and a beat up Franco Harris card for that mint condition 1981 Joe Montana rookie card. My son will be getting all my sports cards, including my 1981 Montana, my 1966 Gale Sayers card, a 1966 Joe Namath card, a 1964 Merlin Olsen card, and my 1983 Elway and Marino rookie cards. He will have cards from over 5 decades and with them all my old school memories. I may have yelled and messed with my sister's Psyche that day but I can tell you this, it was well worth it.

Top 10 Old School Sport Hobbies Kids are Missing Out On

1. Collecting Sports Cards

2. Playing APBA, Strat-O-Matic and Statis Pro Board Games

3. Pulling a Wooden Hydroplane Behind a Bike

4. Collecting Mini Football Helmets

5. Electric Football

Honorable Mention: Table Hockey

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