Saturday, June 27, 2009


As I surfed the web the other day, I came across the NBA commercial slogan that states: "The NBA: where amazing happens". Now to most that would mean that the players in the NBA are amazing...but I see it a little different. I see it to mean that in today's NBA, its amazing that the refs don't call more travels. It is truly amazing!

The players today are getting away with more and more as the officials turn a blind eye. Yeah, the NBA players are amazing...amazing at fooling everyone that they really made that drive through the lane without traveling. The refs are looking the other way as players like LeBron and Wade are "crab dribbling" their way to the hoop. 2 steps have now become 3 and 4 steps, making every move truly amazing. The fundamentals of the old school player has disappeared and in its place we now seen an extra step or two. Imagine what Magic, Dr. J and Wilt could have done with an extra step or two. Nothing irritates this old school coach more then the breaking of rules to entertain those in the stands.

Top 8 Missed NBA Traveling Calls

1. Cory Maggette - 6-Step Shuffle

2. Dwyane Wade - Spin Move

3. LeBron James - Vs Warriors

4. Lebron James - Crab Dribble (this one gets called but LeBron doesn't agree)

5. Kobe Bryant - Step Thru

6. Chancey Billups - 4 Steps

7. Kevin Garnett - Dunk

8. LeBron James - Again

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