Tuesday, May 12, 2009


36 home runs in first 10 games...a major league record. The new Yankee stadium is yielding a record number of home runs so far this year and has pitchers pulling their hair out. The new stadium is ruining the great tradition of classic Yankee baseball by turning baseball games into home run contests. In a 22-4 loss the Yankees saw 6 home runs leave this new high tech ball park. Analysts are using physics and wind studies to explain this disturbing trend. As an old school fan, I hate to see this home run explosion. I hate to see baseball scores turn into football scores. I like the classic pitching duels and the occasional home run by the superstar. Imagine how many home runs Babe Ruth would have had in this new park...opposing pitchers would have had to walk him every at bat and we would never have seen him hit. It is bad enough that players on steroids have made a mockery of the home run records, we don't now need stadium construction to become a factor. We need to bring back the old school ballpark, The type of park where home runs are special. The new stadium is ruining baseball tradition and we can only hope that we don't have to put more asterisks in the record books.

Top 10 All-time Old School Ballparks

1. Wrigley Field (Cubs)
2. Old Yankee Stadium (Yankees)
3. Fenway Park (Red Sox)
4. Polo Grounds (Yankees)
5. Ebbets Field (Brooklyn Dodgers)
6. Tiger Stadium (Tigers)
7. Comisky Park (White Sox)
8. Camden Yards (Orioles)
9. Dodger Stadium (Dodgers)
10. Astrodome (Astros old school dome feel)

Old School Ballparks

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